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Let’s create a welcoming vibe for your clients and clean up your castle!

Staff spend more than a third of their time at work which is why it is so important to set them up for success in the workplace. The cleanliness of your workplace sets the tone for the environment that your staff work in and providing a clean work space free of dirt, dust, germs and clutter is essential to productivity.

Along with our detailed cleaning training program for our staff, we utilise digital technology to ensure we provide consistency in all cleaning, an exceptional service, and clear communication to all of our clients to give you peace of mind that we will get it right, every time.

Every Business is unique and different and that is why we tailor our Coastside Commercial Services to your specific needs.

finding the right professional CLEANING team for your job


Finding the right cleaning company to clean your office can be an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be.


At Coastside Cleaning we understand that first impressions for your business really do matter, and we want to help you put your best foot forward! From winning over clients to creating a happy and healthy work environment for your team, an immaculate work space and a hard-working cleaning team are the perfect solution to setting your business up for success.


We aren’t your average commercial cleaning team, we take pride in maintaining impeccable office spaces for our impeccable clients. We understand that your business requires a team of cleaning ninjas that are reliable and provide a professional high quality service each and every time they visit.

With your health, hygiene and reputation in our best interests, our team will make your office SHINE, while you keep doing what you do best — growing your business.

We absolutely LOVE serving and helping people, we want to help you have the CLEANEST and most organised workplace in town, we want your staff and clients to praise you for creating a beautiful space for them to be in.

We’re here to create beautiful spaces and take care of the little things and show the world you mean business.

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