The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has caused many business owners and employers to think seriously about how clean their workplaces are and what can be done to ensure we are all taking part in preventing further spread of Covid-19.

Ensuring you are minimising the risk in your workplace to keep your staff, clients and visitors safe during this pandemic, should be a number one priority.

Now is the time when it’s more important than ever to find a professional cleaning company that will focus on detail cleaning and disinfecting of all areas of your workplace, whilst focusing on high touch point areas that can be a breeding ground for a Covid-19 outbreak.

Trusted by the Northern Rivers Community

At Coastside Cleaning, we are trusted by schools, and many other local businesses to help keep our community safe and reduce the risk of spreading the Coronavirus even further by providing precautionary coronavirus cleaning services.

How we help protect you and get your workplace ready for Covid-19

Our detailed Coronavirus Cleaning and sanitisation service includes a thorough clean of all surfaces, objects and high touch areas in your workplace.

We focus on areas that are often overlooked including

– Door Handles
– Light switches
– Soap Dispensers
– Taps & Spout
– Toilet Door Locks
– Keyboards
– Telephones
– Mouse
– Power points
– Buttons on small kitchen appliances
– Handle of fridges

Check out some helpful cleaning and disinfection principles from The Australian Government here
And some more helpful information on preventing the spread of Covid-19 in your workplace as outlined by The World Health Orrganisation here.

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