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coastside cleaning is gonna work, work, work work, work in your office or home...

House looks like someone came in like a wrecking ball? Office needs a whole lotta love? Okay, you get it … at Coastside Cleaning we looove our music. But we love our clients even more … and that’s YOU!

Coastside Cleaning heart our customers so much we made over our website for a better client experience. It’s now sparkling more than a shower once our Coastside Cleaning Ninjas have taken the Exit Mould** to it! (Ahh hell to the NO, read footnote) We really hope you love our Marie Kondo-ed website as much as you love coming home to your freshly cleaned crib. New server, same awesome service. .

Already a loyal Coastside cleaning client?

We don’t need to do the hard sell with you, because you already know Coastside Cleaning is dedicated to providing the best cleaning service from Ballina to Byron, Lennox Head to Lismore, Alstonville to … um, Aunty Ann’s office in Northern Rivers (hey, keeping the “A” theme going). But to thank our besties for your support, if you share the love and share our website, Facebook or Instagram URL we’ll give you 10% off your next clean.

We love paying it forward and we LOVE rewarding our loyal clients even more, so if you recommend us to your friends, family and colleagues (make sure they mention your name) and we will give you $25.00 off your next regular clean^ and give you both a little gift of thanks from our sister company.

New to the Coastside Cleaning Ninjas?

We’re super excited to introduce you to our team. Led by Donna (Organising Ninja) and Adam (Super Ninja), we’ve been in the biz for two decades. If you’re looking for a cleaner from Ballina to Tweed Heads or anywhere is in northern rivers, we are the tribe for you. Some would call us OCD, but we prefer the phrase “detail-oriented”. Our standards are high, but that’s because we know your lives are busy.

Juggling family, work, the daily domestic drill, let alone trying to make it to yoga once in a blue moon to keep you sane enough to juggle family, work, the daily domestic … you get the picture. We live the same life as you, which is how we know what you need in a cleaning service.

We think you want:

  • Your life made easier
  • Getting your weekends back … and your cupboard space!
  • An honest local cleaner, with a good rep, who delivers the goods

What we give you:

  • A beautiful, brag-worthy brand or home
  • Friendly, fuss-free help
  • Uncompromising quality … without all the uncool chemicals

Imagine spending your time in a clean, organised home or office space that actually sparks joy for your family and staff

– Donna Jones (Okay maybe a little inspired by Marie Kondo and Tony Robbins :p)
Office Cleaning Ballina, Alstonville, Byron Bay

Our JamS

We get lots of help from our other Ninjas, and we’ll introduce you to them in our next couple of blogs. Given how much the Ninjas all love listening to music while they clean (let’s face it, who doesn’t!!) we’ll spill the secrets on what’s hot on the Ninja’s playlists this week:

Donna’s Jams: Dance Monkey by Tones and I (Yep an awesome Byron Bay local) or some Tony Robbins audiobooks

Adam’s Airpod: Hippocrates Institute,

So … kick back, relax, or go out and party like a rockstar while we’re cleanin’ out your closet. Contact us at 0410 099 709 for a chilled-out chat about any of your cleaning needs … and we’ll see you at soap‑scum smashing time!

** PS: we were totally kidding about the Exit Mould. We’re Coastside Cleaning, not Coastside Chemicals. We’ll be blogging our expert tips on non-toxic cleaning products soon, so watch this space!

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